Athlete Leadership Programs

This page contains a list of common questions that are asked about our Athlete Leadership Programs.

We are constantly updating our list of frequently asked questions so please check here first for answers to your questions.

Are travel costs reimbursed for coming to an ALPs workshop? 

Any costs incurred when traveling to ALPs workshops are not covered by Special Olympics Ontario. Workshops are organized in a number of communities throughout the province to ensure athletes from different areas are able to attend. 

For additional information please visit: www.specialolympicsontario.com/alps  


Are meals provided during the workshop?   

Yes. Snacks and water are supplied throughout the workshop.  Lunch is also provided halfway through the day. If there are any dietary requirements, that is an option on the registration form to mention.  


How long are you an Athlete Leader after being trained? 

After being trained as a leader, athletes remain an Athlete Leader for 4 years. The ALPs program is continuously changing and athletes are encouraged to sign-up for additional workshops when they are offered in their communities.  Re-taking the workshop will ensure that athletes have the most updated Special Olympics information when acting as an Athlete Leader in their community.  

How can athletes stay connected within the ALPs community?   

Once an athlete completes the ALPs workshop and becomes and Athlete Leader, they will be invited to an Athlete Leadership Facebook group.  This group will allow athletes to connect with other graduates to discuss their experiences, ongoing leadership opportunities and other leadership-related topics. 

Can I receive more information about the topics discussed during my ALPs workshop?   

Yes, any information that you would like to have can be provided to you easily. Contact the ALPs workshop facilitator during the workshop or via email at a later date for any documents that you would like to review.  

What kind of events can athletes participate in after being trained as an Athlete Leader?

Athletes are encouraged to use the tools that they obtain and develop in the workshop to identify leadership opportunities in their community.  Some examples can include, but are not limited to are:  

  • Fundraising Opportunities 
  • Community Events 
  • Interviews 
  • Public Speaking Engagements 
  • Photo Opportunities 
  • Meetings with local politicians  
  • A role on the local Community Council 

What type of activities does the workshop include? 

During the workshop, athletes and mentors are put into groups, and will work together to discuss and present on a number of different topics. This group work includes problem solving, speech writing, a social media challenge and a nutrition activity.  

Who can act a mentor during an ALPs workshop?

All athletes are encouraged to attend the workshop with a mentor. 

What topics are discussed at an ALPs workshop?

Through the workshop, the ALPs facilitator discusses the following topics; 

  • Leadership and how to be a role model 
  • Healthy Lifestyles  
  • Social Media & Representation  
  • Speakers Training and Guidance 

Within these courses, it gives the athletes and mentors a full day of instruction and information on how to be representatives in their communities.  

What is ALPs?

Through organized training and practical experiences, the Athlete Leadership Programs (ALPs) is meant to prepare athletes to undertake meaningful positions of influence and leadership throughout the Special Olympics organization, both on and off the playing field.  ALPs is delivered in a workshop format and typically runs for 5 hours (from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm)