Portal Updates now LIVE!

    • September 30, 2019 at 9:26 am #3358

      I’m pleased to say that the first wave of Portal updates are now LIVE!

      Before logging in, please remember to CLEAR YOUR CACHE.  All browsers use the shortcut Shift-Ctrl-Delete to get to the Clear Browser Data page.

      Following Enhancements have been implemented:

      New flow for self-registration to make things easier.

      ·        Portal Account created up front rather than at the end.

      ·        Participants who are not their own guardians or are under-age can now complete their enrollment, but will be prompted to print the waivers             for their guardian to sign & submit

      ·        The “Do you have Guardianship over yourself?* question has added notes to clarify for athletes –“Do you have Guardianship over yourself?*              (Are you able to sign for yourself when renting an apartment or opening a bank account?)

      ·        New Family Admins and Group Home Coordinators will be allowed to add Participants and their enrollments but will not be able to see any             previous information about them until their role is approved and the Connection made in CRM by the Chapter Admin

      ·        Menus have been re-organized, some items re-worded, and background colours added to make it clear which menu items apply to the person           logged in, and which apply to the person (or persons) the user is acting on behalf of (new menus are included in a separate document)

      ·        Family Admins & Group Home Coordinators have the same ability as self-registrants to add another enrollment to an Athlete without                          starting  over

      ·       Session Schedule has been added to the Program Search results on both the “Our Programs” page, and also during the registration process.              For Clubs that are running multiple concurrent sessions, this field can be used to give additional information about the session so the                            applicant/member/user knows which session to select when registering.

      ·       A new entity has been added to record members’ disabilities.

      ·        References – a note has been added for Volunteers that at least one reference is required in order to be approved.  Once Chapters advise me             how many references they require, if possible the note will be updated with more specific instructions.

      ·        Added Unified Partner and Potential Athlete to the list of roles for Athletes for all data admins only to use on the Portal

      ·        On the Club, Community & Region Details tabs for all data admins, the Primary Contact has been added as a read-only field

      ·        Club Admin 1 Portal Security Role (Head Coaches/Team Managers) can approve enrollments for their club

      ·        On the Enrollment Details page for Volunteer self-registration, a note has been added to explain how to register as an event volunteer, and               also that if they don’t what role they want to be in, to put information in the Notes field.

      ·       The Sex field has been made mandatory for data admins on the portal.

      ·       A Participant’s Transit Pass # field can now be recorded Participant Profile page in this field just under the Intellectual Disability? Question

      ·       Training Courses – a sub-course field has been added to record the individual courses under the Athlete Leadership Program

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    • September 30, 2019 at 9:33 am #3360
      Lynda Gernon

      Thank you so much (everyone!) for working on these changes. I am very happy with them and have already been working with one of my Team Managers (who manages all the teams in a club program) to get her to approve an online enrollment that came in for one of her teams (she didn’t realize that she has to go into each role and check for enrollments to approve). I’m looking forward to more (implied by “first wave” in your first statement). Well done! The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter 🙂

    • September 30, 2019 at 10:12 am #3370

      Was surprised to see the changes that were in place this morning and many are positive with clearer language.

      Can you provide more details on the My Payment Info and My Balance tabs?

      Any revisions to reporting?

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