ALPs Courses

There are a number of courses designed for ALPs – these courses have been created based upon their relevance to the ALPs mandate, ease of instruction and, of course, athlete interest.

Governance &
Social Media

Through this module we summarize the history of Special Olympics, discuss what it takes to become a leader and a representative in the Special Olympics community, as well as practice group skills working through some problem solving techniques and creating resolutions. As well, the athletes learn the proper use of social media, and how they can use the tool to affect the way they share their messages about Special Olympics and their community.

Healthy Lifestyles

This module aims to instruct athletes and mentors on the importance of health. The three main areas of discussion include Nutritional Health, Physical Health and Mental Health. The Health in Action and Fit Families programs are discussed furthermore, allowing athletes and mentors the opportunity to sign-up to be registered within the program during the workshop. This course remains in line with the Special Olympics International Healthy Communities initiative, which will see athletes play a larger role in expanding Healthy Athletes through athlete education and peer mentorship.

Speakers Training

Speakers Training provides athletes with the knowledge and tools to be able to create and present a speech. After learning what goes into a speech and what does not, the guidelines provided in this module further assist athletes with writing a well-developed speech. At the end of the module, athletes have the opportunity to practice speaking in front of their fellow athletes, and receive some constructive feedback to help guide them further into being a great presenter.