ALPs Courses

Athlete Leadership program (ALPs) workshops are designed to help Special Olympics athletes develop their skills to become leaders within their teams, communities and the Special Olympics movement.  Courses are interactive and informative and include activities to allow athletes the opportunities to discuss ideas and learn from one another.  We currently offer the following Athlete Leadership Courses: 

Introduction to Athlete Leadership

Athletes learn about different parts of each ALPs workshops including: Governance, Health, and Speakers Training. This workshop gives athletes an opportunity to start their journey as Athlete Leaders and gain practical skills that they can use in their communities and beyond. 

Social Media Training

This course goes over the different forms of social media and how to use these platforms to stay connected and spread important messages. The course covers social media "do's" and "don'ts" and teaches athletes how to protect themselves and their personal information while using online platforms like Facebook. 

Photo and Video Training

Athletes learn different tips and tricks on how to take better photos and videos. The course includes information on composition, lighting, sound and more. This course is especially helpful when promoting and participating in virtual programming. 

Athletes on Input Councils

Athletes learn about what it means to be an Athlete representative on a Community Council or Athlete Leadership Council.  The course is designed to give athletes an idea of what is expected of them when they are appointed to these types of positions, including: giving opinions, how to get and give feedback, problem solving and more.  

Health Messenger Training

This training encourages athletes to develop healthy lifestyles, influence other athletes to lead healthier lives, advocate within their communities for inclusion around health and wellness services.  The Health Messenger Training Course gives athletes the tools to feel empowered to advocate for their own health needs and the needs of their fellow athletes and people with ID.   

Peer Mentorship Training

The Peer Mentorship Program provides Special Olympics athletes with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take on a mentorship role within a Special Olympics sport program. This course is for athletes who have expertise in a sport they have trained in and wish to volunteer with a program by mentoring their fellow athletes in a specific sport. 

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