All athletes are encouraged to attend in-person or virtual Athlete Leadership Program (ALPs) Workshops when possible.  These workshops provide an opportunity to interact and learn from other athletes and the ALPs Coordinator as well as to share your ideas and perspectives.  If you have already taken an in-person or virtual workshop and want to learn more about a specific subject, we have a number of online courses on our SOLearn website to choose from. 

To access these courses create a login or log on to your account at 
Click “Ontario”, Click “Athlete Training”, Click “Athlete Leadership Program (ALPs)” and choose a course. 

SOLearn Courses Include: 

  • Social Media and Safety Online 
  • Taking Photos and Videos 
  • Skills for Giving Great Speeches 
  • Governance and Athletes in Input Councils
  • How to Create a PowerPoint
  • Fundraising 101 

Click here to take an online course today.