Return to Sport  Golf 

Updated August 3, 2021

Club Guidelines:   

  • Athletes who are unable to follow verbal instructions regarding physical distancing or who require “physical manipulation / hand over hand” instruction to complete drills are recommended to continue with virtual training or general fitness training. 
  • Where in person training is not an option, consider virtual training or general fitness training sessions.  Both are great alternatives and will allow coaches the opportunity to maintain contact with their athletes. 


Before and After Practice: 

  1. Athletes will wash hands before and after training session. 
  2. Athletes should arrive at the facility dressed for practice. 
  3. Coaches are to create and share training plans ahead of training session. 
  4. Do not loiter in the parking lot.  Get in, Train, Get out. 
  5. Physical Distancing (2m or 6ft). 
  6. Golf bags to be placed 2m / 6ft apart. 
  7. Each golfer to handle their own equipment. 
  8. Athletes will wear their face masks when they enter the facility and will continue to wear their face masks while not engaged in physical activity or when they are unable to maintain 2m distancing.  Coaches/volunteers/Caddies will wear face masks throughout the training session.  


During Practice: 

  1. Must not exceed the maximum gathering size as outlined by the Ontario Roadmap to Reopening Plan ( ) 
  2. Maximum gathering size includes all athletes, coaches, volunteers, support persons and spectators/parents.  It is the coach’s discretion whether spectators are permitted into the training session to ensure physical distancing can be maintained. 
  3. Physical distancing of 2m or 6ft must be maintained by ALL participants at ALL TIMES. 
  4. All “non-essential” contacts should be avoided (handshakes, high 5’s, etc.). 
  5. All skill instructions must be verbal.  There will be no “hand over hand” skill instruction. 
  6. Structure activities to maximize physical distancing. 
  7. Include frequent hand washing / hand sanitizing breaks into your training plan.
  8. Bring your own water bottles clearly labelled with your name – do not use public water fountains. 
  9. Maximum number of golfers per hole will be governed by facility management. Please confirm the maximum number prior to booking tee times. Coaches are not permitted to conduct 1:1 training sessions with athletes (Rule of Two). 
  10. Each golfer to use their own equipment.   
  11. If caddie is being utilized, athletes will carry and handle their own clubs. Caddie can provide guidance on club selection, etc. 
  12. If using carts, each participant must have their own cart (caddies, coaches, athletes etc.) unless they reside in the same household.  We encourage walking the course. 
  13. One person should tabulate scores for entire group to reduce card circulation. Scorer should verbally confirm recorded score with athletes after each hole. 
  14. No use of bunker rakes. After hitting out of a sand trap (if permitted by local rules) athletes should smooth the trap instead with a foot or their club. 
  15. Flag sticks should not be touched. Leave the pin in while putting and don't touch the flag stick to retrieve ball. Some courses may have modified hole designs to make this easier.  
  16. Balls and clubs should be cleaned after the end of each round to minimize contamination. 
  17. Balls within 12" of the cup should be considered a gimme and do not need to be holed out.  
  18. Clubs using driving range or practice greens should ensure that athletes are only using sanitized (or personal) balls and that athletes and coaches maintain social distancing protocols. 
  19. Design skill training activities so athletes stay in the same small groups to reduce amount of contact with different people 
  20. Use cones or other equipment to ensure appropriate physical distancing at hole or during skill training activities. 
  21. Only coaches/staff should handle team equipment (cones, pylons, etc). 
  22. Designate one coach/volunteer to disinfect program equipment before, during and at the end of each training session.

Training Tips: 

  • Be creative with the structure of your practice times. Use a combination of general fitness training and skill training sessions.  
  • Train the same hours but this will be a mix of skill training and fitness training, either in person or virtually. 
  • Make it clear that there is no penalty for missing practice and that if an athlete, or any member of their family does not feel well, they should stay at home. 


  1. Tournaments and Competitions will follow Return to Competition protocols. 


Each golf course may have their own COVID-19 restrictions.  Please follow the instructions of the golf course staff.