Special Olympics Ontario’s School Championships & Qualifiers Program (previously known as Four Corners) uniquely provides sport training and competition opportunities to high school student-athletes with intellectual disabilities. Our groundbreaking program allows athletes to compete and advance to the Special Olympics Ontario School Championships. 

The School Championships and Qualifiers program provides quality competition experience for students with an intellectual disability aged 13-21 in the sports of basketball, floor hockey, soccer, bocce, and track & field. We ensure every athlete has a meaningful experience by divisioning our athletes by ability level. What this means is that coaches will rank their athletes prior to each Qualifier and then their team will only compete against other teams of a similar ranking. Our advancement opportunities are equitable and thus EVERY athlete and team has the same opportunity to advance through a Qualifier to our Provincial Games! 

We will be hosting 79 regional qualifying competitions throughout the 2018/2019 school year. All qualifiers offer both a Traditional Division, where all athletes have an intellectual disability, as well as a Unified Division where teams are comprised of athletes with an intellectual disability and mainstream students who compete side-by-side for their school.

Student-athletes at each regional qualifier will be vying for the opportunity to advance to the Special Olympics Ontario School Championships.

Please note that Virtual Track and Field is back! The deadline for submitting your results is January 31, 2020. Should you have any questions about the process or to receive your package, please email the School Programs Team!  

Schools can enter up to three teams for each qualifier in each Division. Schools are restricted to participating in only one qualifier per sport. All schools are encouraged to participate in as many qualifiers as are available to them!  Teams and athletes of all ability levels are encouraged to participate, and all sports are co-ed. Teams are divisioned prior to play so competition is balanced and athletes compete against those of a similar ability level. Registration for regional qualifying events is $5 per student. 


Unified Sport places athletes with and without intellectual disabilities on a sports field together to compete as teammates. Teams are made up of athletes of similar age and ability level. All teams must subscribe to the principle of meaningful involvement, where all individuals participate in a role that is meaningful. Whether it be in an offensive or defensive capacity, each athlete should feel as though they are participating in a way that is significant.

At its core, Unified Sports are about unifying all people, with and without intellectual disabilities, using sport as a catalyst for social inclusion, attitude, culture, and behaviour change. 

Our opponent is intolerance.  Only shoulder to shoulder, together as teammates can we defeat it.  



Slide "The SO Programs have made a significant improvement in the lives
of my students, both unified and traditional athletes. The students
are able to compete and be successful outside of the classroom
and are able to experience success beyond the stereotypes of their
disabilities. The SO program makes this possible for our athletes,
and the skills they have learned from competing and being a part
of a team have helped them improve their academics, their resumes
and make them better people overall. Thank you!"
Amanda Morra, J Clarke Richardson
Slide "Some students would not feel comfortable participating in the
mainstream sports for various reasons and this gives them the
chance to let their skills shine. No judgement, no criticism, no failure!"
Alison Bowins, Lindsay Collegiate Vocational School
Slide "Words cannot express how important these events are for our
students. The memories that are created at these events are ones
that last a lifetime."
Jill Doré, Arthur Voaden Secondary School
Slide "To see our students, who need help with so many life skills, go to
a championship and spend nights away from home, taking care of
themselves with the help of unified peers is amazing! We really have
been blessed with the unified partners that came - they made our
students with intellectual disabilities enjoy the week like any teenager!"
Marnee Giuliani, Superior Heights
Slide "The opportunities it has presented to students and allowed
them to be a part of is phenomenal. The students have such a great
time at every event. It has built confidence and pride in students,
in a way that not many other opportunities I have been a part of
have been able to do."
Andrew Morris, G.L. Roberts CVI