Partnering with the local community, these on campus programs will be run as a part of the institution’s intramural program.  Intramural athletes will be partnered with local athletes from the community to compete as teammates in either one day tournaments or weekly intramural programs.   

University and College programs are run by students for students, providing leadership and mentoring opportunities for post-secondary students. 


Unified Sport places athletes with and without intellectual disabilities on a sports field together to compete as teammates.  Teams are made up of athletes of similar age and ability level.  All teams must subscribe to the principle of meaningful involvement, where all individuals participate in a role that is meaningful.  Whether it be in an offensive or defensive capacity, each athlete should feel as though they are participating in a way that is significant.   

At its core, Unified Sports are about unifying all people, with and without intellectual disabilities, using sport as a catalyst for social inclusion, attitudinal and behavioural change. 

Our opponent is intolerance.  Only shoulder to shoulder, together as teammates can we defeat it.  



About on your local University / College Unified program or information on how to start a program at your post-secondary institution, please send us an email!

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