Community Leaders / Partner Organization Hub

Now that you are logged on, you will given access to the Community / Partner Program Questionnaire.  Below is a sample of the form.  As will see that there is some research that needs to take place prior to starting that questionnaire. 

Here is an outline of how you will move through the three steps: 

  1. Please complete the Community / Partner Program Questionnaire (See sample HERE). Please contact your Program Consultant if you need guidance. 
  2. The form will be reviewed by the Return to Sport Committee. 
  3. You will be sent an email that will contain the link for the Risk Assessment Form. (See sample HERE) 
  4. You may forward this link to your Head Coaches as needed. 
  5. You and / or your Head Coaches will complete the Risk Assessment form. 
  6. Once the Risk Assessment form is submitted and reviewed, the Sport Mitigation Checklist form (Step 2) will be sent to the Head Coach.  Please contact the Sport Consultant for assistance in completed this form (if needed). 
  7. If you require an Insurance Certificate for your program, you will have the opportunity to make that request immediately following the Sport Mitigation Checklist. 
  8. Once everything is approved, you will receive an email from the RTP team with further information on how to move to Step 3. 

Step 3.  This will include the pdf versions of the SOO COVID Declaration  form  and  Attendance / Screening form. 

Please contact your Program Consultant (District Developer) if you have any questions. 

Restart Your Programs

Congratulations on taking your first steps to restarting programs.

Before you begin please make sure that you've reviewed all of the necessary information on the Return to Program Hub that pertains to your program. When you are ready to begin please select the button below that best suits the group you are representing to get started.

Community / Partner Organization

Special Olympics Ontario Community Council or a Partner Provincial Sport Organization that oversees multiple programs.


Club/Team/Program Assessment

Individual programs that are not associated with a Special Olympics Community Council.


Restart Fundraising / Special Events / Community Meetings

Requests to restart Fundraising or Special Events at either a provincial or local level.