GMS Training Coming Soon
We are currently working on a set of comprehensive GMS Training resources for GMS Users in Canada.

While these tools are being developed please take a look at some of the other resources that are available to help get you up and running with GMS.

Competition Instruction Guide

Special Olympics Ontario has created a reference guide for the use of Event Organizers and GMS Operators at Competitions and Events. This manual is updated on a regular basis and is current to 2020.

Download GMS Competition Instructions

GMS Practice Games

This GMS Practice Games is a small demonstration file that can be used to practice importing a games into GMS or for use as part of a GMS training session to familiarize yourself with the basic functions of GMS. This practice file is current for 2022.

Download GMS Practice Games

GMS Reports Pack

Special Olympics Ontario and Special Olympics Canada have created a pack of more than 50 reports that can be used as preset templates for a variety of reporting scenarios. Instructions for downloading and installing these reports can be found in the resources section of this site by clicking below.

Get the Latest GMS Reports

GMS Webinars

Special Olympics International has a set of GMS Introduction Webinars as well as a monthly Power Hour webinar that can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Visit SOI Webinars

Quick Guides

Special Olympics International has also created a series of Quick Guides that will help guide you through some of the basic tasks in GMS.

See the GMS Quick Guides

GMS Learning Centre

The GMS Learning Centre is Special Olympics International's Resource Page for all things GMS. Check it out to find the most recent information about GMS.

Visit GMS Learning Centre