Unified Physical Education (UPE) is a pilot program currently being run at both the elementary and secondary levels. Unified Physical Education is a credited phys-ed class involving students with and without a disability, that participate together to reach their full potential through athletics, games, leadership and teamwork.

The purpose of this course is not to promote 'tokenism' or to see 'hand-holding' but to see each individual reach their potential. This is not meant to further entrench ideas of education segregation between students with Intellectual Disabilities and students without Intellectual Disabilities but rather to dispel the notion that that is necessary.

Unified Physical Education will be a HUGE step forward for your school. UPE will promote not only an inclusive environment around physical activity and sport but a broader inclusive culture that permeates the hallways and classrooms as well.

Please let us know on our contact page if you are interested in learning more about how to get Unified Programs in your school.