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Please fill in the following form if you are interested in hosting an SOO event at your school.
  • Criteria

    1. 1. You must register the event with Special Olympics Ontario, which are you doing right now with this form.
    2. 2.The event’s date and location must be approved by SOO’s School and Youth team prior to the event. Each specific sport has its own timeframe during the school year, after which all qualifying decisions are made. All qualifiers of a sport must be completed before the qualifying date.
    3. 3. The event must be open to all schools, both Catholic and Public boards
    4. 4. There must be at least two schools present at the event, with a minimum of three teams between them
    5. 5. You must update us on all teams’ roster changes and submit accurate game scores using the template we will provide you with in a Final Report package.
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  • Do you want this to count for qualifications for school championships?