Attention all PLF4M and equivalent teachers! If you are interested in getting your class involved in Special Olympics Ontario School Championships, we have created a project that your students can take on in small groups, or as a class. The project ranges from hosting an event from beginning preparation, execution and conclusion of a school qualifier, or your class can choose to volunteer and help run the day of event. If you are interested in getting involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Special Olympics Ontario offers programs at every level of education. Each of our events and programs requires one very important ingredient - ENGAGEMENT!

The Special Olympics movement is fuelled by volunteerism and our PLF4M Course Project helps to facilitate a purposeful and meaningful engagement project for your students. Your class can host an Elementary School Sports Festival, which would entail inviting local elementary schools and running activities focused on unstructured play and fundamental movement skills. Your class could also choose to host a Secondary School Qualifier, which would entail providing a competitive experience for other local high school teams and athletes.