The resources below have been designed to be implemented in a variety of educational settings, either as a compliment to our events and competitions, or as a stand alone resource to be used in any type of setting!

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Active Start

For athletes aged 2-6, the Active Start program is a fun-based, physical literacy program that introduces fundamental movement skills and the Special Olympics movement to young athletes, parents, and coaches. The program relies on unstructured play and does not venture into competition, sport-skill development, or strategy. The focus is on fun and active participation. Learn to kick, learn to jump, learn to roll, learn to catch.


For athletes aged 7-12, the FUNdamentals program is the ‘next step’ after Active Start. It takes the basic building blocks of physical literacy introduced in the Active Start program and advances lessons toward sport-specific skill development stopping short of structured sport, competition, or strategy. For example, if in the Active Start program, an athlete learns how to kick, in the FUNdamentals program, they might learn how to shoot a soccer ball and pass a soccer ball but will not learn how to play striker or midfield.

Youth Multi-Sport

For athletes aged 12+, the Youth Multi-Sport program is the Special Olympics version of ‘Learn to Train’. Athletes are introduced to sport, competition, and teamwork through this program. The rules and strategy associated with a specific sport are presented in weekly lesson or practice plans.