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Volunteer Self-Enrollment & Waivers Update Instructions

If you already have Membership Portal Account as an registered Volunteer

Follow the Link:

and Login to your Portal Account

Step 1 – Portal Email and Password

Select Login from Portal Home screen

Enter your email address and password you selected when you created your account and click Login button

After login, new window will open which will be your Landing Page with list of buttons on the right (Blue menu). Default button will be My Roles

Note: You will see your Role in Volunteer Roles Window only if you have Active enrollment in any club. If all of your enrollments are Expired, Volunteer Role Window will be blank

Step 2 – Select your Role

After login, Select your Role by clicking on Continue in Volunteer Role Window to see more options (Pink menu). (Until you select a role, you will only see the “My” account links on the right which every account holder sees – Blue menu)

Step 3 – Self Enrollment & Waivers Update

To enroll yourself in a Program/Club, select Add me as Volunteer from Blue Menu.

In this screen you will see your name in Volunteer field.

Select Yes/No which is appropriate form Do you have Guardianship over Yourself? field

Note: Junior Volunteers must select No,  you have to print waivers, fill out by your legal guardians and submit to your Head Coach / Team Manager. 

Click Next Step – Waivers 

a. Legal Waivers

If you are doing Self – Enrollment first time, you have to fill out all waivers in Legal Waivers screen

Otherwise review your  previous Waivers selection. Update if you wish to change any selection in Media Release Opt-Out & Communications section and select Next Step – Program Search. 

Note: You must agree to Participation Waivers, Privacy Policy & Code of Conduct Confirmation by selecting Yes in order to proceed to Next Step – Program Search

You can read full waivers if you wish to by clicking on link Read Full Waivers

b. Select Program/Sport Club

Note: If you already have been enrolled in the Program/Club by your community/club admin, and you only have to fill out your waivers, Do not continue to complete Enrollment process. Click on My Profile to get out of this process

In the program search window select your Chapter, Region and Community. You can choose to filter by Sport as well if you would like to. (Do not use the days of the week filters). Click on Search button.

A list of Clubs with active Sessions will show up in Search Results window. 

If there is a specific program you would like to apply for you can choose it from the Search Results.

Once you have selected the program you are interested in click the Next Step- Enrollment Details

c. Select Your Role

In Enrollment Details screen you will see your Name, Club Name, Enrollment Status and Program session information in which you are enrolling.

To select your role in the club, select category from Category field drop down list, Organization Role field will pop up with a list of roles for selected Category. If you don not find your role you wish to select, change the category to search for role in its list.

Note: If you are not able to find your role, just select any one form the list and make a note in Enrollments Note field, community representative will help you to find appropriate role for you while reviewing  and approving your enrollment.

Click on Submit Enrollment to complete the process. You will be sent to a confirmation window.

d. Enrollment Confirmation

Confirmation e-mail will be sent to you by the portal. Please note, your enrollment is not approved until the community/club has reviewed it and approved it. 

If you wish to enroll in another club, click on New Enrollment, you will complete enrollment process in fewer steps.

To see your submitted enrollment click Go to My Enrollments

e. Check your Enrollment

You will be sent to My Enrollments tab where you can view your submitted enrollment.

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