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New Volunteer Registration Instructions

Steps to submit Volunteer Application

Click on the Membership Portal  and follow the instructions

From Home Page Select Registration 

Step 1 – Volunteer Information

In the Window below:

Select Chapter SO Ontario

Fill out Your Information

Select Volunteer in Tell Us Who you Are….

Click Register – Validate Member

Step 2 – Create your Account

Following screen will confirm that you are new volunteer as System did not find you as a registered member.

To create your Portal account, enter your Email address in Reenter Email field and password in Password & Repeat Password fields

Click Register

Note: If you need help, click on help Video on each Screen

Step 3 – Guardianship

Make sure Do you have Guardianship over yourself? Is Yes

Click Next Step – Waivers

Step 4 – Sign off Waivers

You must agree to the first three waivers by selecting Yes in order to proceed to Next Step – Program Search

Note: In Media Release you can pick your options.

Step 5 – Select Program/Sport Club

In the program search window, select your Region and Community. You can choose to filter by sport as well (do not use the days of the week filters) if you would like to. If there is a specific program you would like to apply for you can choose it from the Search Results. If you are unsure which program you would like to volunteer for or if you would like to receive more information regarding the programs please just select the Community i.e.: under Organization Names it will say community name (North Bay) under Type it will say Community.

Once you have selected the program you are interested in volunteering with, click the Next Step – Member Profile

Step 6 – Member Profile (fill out your information)

In member profile, provide all appropriate information. Make sure to fill out mandatory fields in order to proceed to Next Step – Address


Step 7 – Address

You must have to provide Primary Address as it is mandatory. Fill out Secondary address if any.

Click Next Step – Criminal Record


Step 8 – Criminal Record Check Information

In Criminal Record Window

  1. If you have any criminal history you have to declare here
  2. If you have current complete police check (current means not older than a year, complete means Criminal +VSS) and have PDF copy, Click Add  to upload PDF copy.
  3. You can upload E-police checks (some police services issue E-copy of police check result)
  4. Click Next Step – Medical Information

Note: if you do not have police check at this moment, just move forward to Next Step after Criminal history declaration.


Step 9 – Medical Information

Fill out appropriate fields in this section. You can upload any medical form like medical history /medicine chart form by clicking on Add in Medical Forms section.

In Medical info, two fields are mandatory. ​

  • What Medications you take and Dosages?​
  • Dietary Restrictions​

You will not be able to proceed further if they are blank. Click Next Step – Emergency Contacts

Step 10 – Emergency Contacts

Click Add to provide at least one Emergency Contact info to whom we can contact in case of any emergency.

Then move to Next Step – Member Training


Step 11 – Member Training

Add info of the courses you have taken from the list provided below. If course name is not in the list Select Other Course, Other Course field will be enabled to enter the Course Name. Add date completed & renewal date if any and submit.

Click Next Step – Volunteer Profile


Step 12 – References Information

Fill out appropriate fields in Profile Additional Information. You MUST have to provide two non-related references information in Personal References section. Click Add to enter the information. Then click Next Step – Enrollments Detail

Step 13 – Enrollments Detail & Role Selection

Review your enrollments detail in this window. To add your role in organization, Select Category (when you will select Category, Organization Role field with pop up). Select Organization Role

If you are not sure about your Category or Role, add note in Enrollments Note fields, community will contact you to help to pick correct Role or you can add any enrollment related note here.

Click Next Step – Submit Enrollment



If you wish to apply to another program, click on Add New Enrollment, you will be enrolled in fewer steps in new club/program ( this is elaborated with screen shots after this window)

After submitting Enrollment you will get confirmation email with enrollment detail. If you are good with this enrollment you can go on portal to create your account, Click Go To Portal Registration


Step 14 – Go To My Enrollments



Following are steps to get enrolled in another program with fewer Steps

After program selection it will take you to Profile additional info window

and then to enrollment details

then confirmation window

if you wish to enroll in another sport click on Add Program Enrollment and follow the steps to add another enrollment.

If you don’t want to add more enrollments, then Click Go to My Enrollments. You will see your Submitted Enrollments. These have to be approved by your Club/Community yet.


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