Click Next Step – Waivers

Sign Off Waivers

Please use the link “View Printable Version” on each waiver to print/save the forms and have them signed by Parent/Legal Guardian. Submit these signed waivers to your community Registrar or Head Coach/Team Manage.

Click Next Step – Program Search

Program Selection

In the program search window select your Region and Community. You can choose to filter by sport as well (do not use the days of the week filters) if you would like to. If there is a specific program you would like to apply for you can choose it from the Search Results. If you are unsure which program you would like to volunteer for or if you would like to receive more information regarding the programs please just select the Community i.e.: under Organization Names it will say community name (North Bay) under Type it will say Community.

Click Search,  list of programs  will show up in Search Results section. Use horizontal scroll bar to see Schedule of this program.

Select a program you wish to join and move forward to Next Step – Member Profile

Member information

In member profile, provide all appropriate information. Make sure to fill out mandatory fields in order to proceed to Next Step – Address


You must have to provide Primary Address as it is mandatory. Fill out Secondary address if any.

Click Next Step – Criminal Record

Criminal Record Check Information

As a junior you are exempt to provide Police check . However you have to provide answer to Have you been Charged with any criminal Offences?

Then move to Next Step – Medical Information

Medical Information

Fill out appropriate fields in this section. You can upload any medical form like medical history /medicine chart form by clicking on Add in Medical Forms section.

In Medical info, two fields are mandatory. ​

  • What Medications you take and Dosages?​
  • Dietary Restrictions​

You will not be able to proceed further if they are blank. Click Next Step – Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts

Click Add to provide at least one Emergency Contact info.

Then move to Next Step – Member Training

Member Training

Click Add  and select training course you have completed from the list provided. If you do not find a course name int the list you wish to add, select Other Courses from the list, you would be able to enter its detail, Submit to save it.

Then move forward to Next Step – Volunteer Profile

Additional Information & Personal References

Fill out appropriate fields in Profile Additional Information. You MUST have to provide two non-related references information in Personal References section. Click Add to enter the information. Then click Next Step – Enrollments Detail

Enrollment Details & Role Selection

Review your enrollments detail in this window. To add your role in organization, Select Category – Program (when you will select Category, Organization Role field with pop up). Select Organization Role – Junior Coaching Volunteer

If you wish to add any enrollment related note for community/Program, add in Enrollments Note field.

Click Next Step – Submit Enrollment

You will get following confirmation screen and a confirmation email with enrollment details will be sent to you by the Portal.

If you are interested to be a volunteer in another program, select New Enrollment and follow the steps to enter another enrollment. Otherwise click Go to My Enrollments 

My Enrollments

You can see your enrollment in program with Submitted Status. Please note, your enrollment is not approved until the community/club has reviewed it and approved it.