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Group Home Coordinator Role Instructions

Open Membership Portal Link:

Step 1 – Login

Select Login from Home screen

Enter your Email address and Password which you saved in your registration process

Click Login

Step 2 – Select Your Role

In My Roles window, select Continue for Family Admin Role

Step 3 – Landing Page

This page will provide you various options to view/update your and your athletes information

 Blue Menu Options (for Group Home Coordinator)

  1. My Profile – your personal information, View /update your address/ medical information.
  2. My Enrollments – see the status of your all enrollments if you are involved in clubs as a coach/volunteer
  3. My Clubs and Schedules – see the Clubs you’re associated with and the published schedule for the sessions
  4. My Committees – if you hold a position on a committee, you will see it here
  5. My Rolls – the Page to select your role
  6. My Payment Info – You will be able to pay your athlete fee by credit card (currently SOO does not offer this feature)
  7. My Balance – it will show your outstanding Balance (not currently in use)
  8. Add Me as Athlete – if you wish to join a program, click it to start a new enrollment (for Athletes Only)
  9. Add Me As Volunteer – if you wish to start volunteering with SOO program, click to start a new        enrollment
  10. Change Password – select if you want to change your password. You have to enter old password and then new, system will not send you any email. You have to logout and login back to      implement this update
  11. Logout – Click if you have finished viewing/ updating your and your GH athlete’s information to leave the system

Details of  Pink Menu Options (for Group Home Athletes)

Step 4 – Group Home Participants

Select Group Home Participants tab

You will see your athletes. This window shows thee athletes attached to the Group Home.

To View/Update Athlete profile, click Edit button beside the name of athlete to open profile

Step 5 – View / update Athlete Information

A multi tab Participant profile window will open. Red Tabs have mandatory fields so you will not be able to more forward until you filled out these fields. Update information where required.

Don’t forget to Submit at the end on each tab to save updates.

Select Participant Profile/Volunteer Profile to make sure your group home is selected in Group Home field. Update any other information if required and Submit to save these updates

Step 6 – View Enrollment History of Athletes

This window will provide you list of all enrollments for your athletes with all Statuses

You can open each enrollment by clicking Edit button to view enrollment details but you cannot update any information for Submitted, Approved, Cancelled and Expired enrollments

If your athlete quits a program due to some reason, you can cancel the enrollments with the club. To cancel enrollment click on Edit button beside the name of athlete with Active Status, Enrollment Details window will open

  • Change Status to Cancelled
  • Add note in Enrollment Notes field if any
  • Then Submit

Enrollment will be Cancelled with that club.

Step 7 – Current Enrollments

This window will provide you Club Session and Schedule information of your Active athletes only.

Step 7 – Add Athlete Enrollment

This tab is to add enrollment to other programs of your already registered athletes and to register a New Group Home Athlete.

In the Add Athlete Enrollment window

  • Section 1 – is to add enrollment to already registered athlete
  • Section 2 – is to register a new GH athlete

We will provide detail of Section one here. To see instructions for Section 2, follow the link:

Section 1 instructions

If you wish to enroll your athlete in another program

  • Select athlete name from Participant list
  • Select Yes/No in Legal Guardian field
  • Click Next Step – Waivers

Step 8 – Legal Waivers

If you are not legal guardian and you have selected No, you have to review/print waivers documents and submit to program head coach/team manager.

Click Next Step – Program Search

Step 9 – Program Selection

In the Program Search Criteria select Chapter, Region and Community (if you know exact club you wish to enroll in, select club as well) then click Search

All registered clubs in your selected community will appear in Search Results window

If you wish to see the details of clubs, click Edit button beside club name, a window will open to show the details of the club.

Otherwise select a Club and click Next Step – Member Profile

Step 10 – View/Update Athlete information

A multi tab Participant Profile window will open. Red Tabs have mandatory fields so you will not be able to more forward until you filled out these fields. Update information where required. Do not forget to Submit at the end on each tab to save updates.

Read notes carefully provided at top/bottom of the page.

If all updates are done, then Click Next Step – Enrollments Details

Step 11 – Enrollment Details

This window will provide the detail of enrollment. After reviewing information, click Next Step – Payment Information

Step 12 – Payment Information

This window will show how much you have to pay as an enrollment fee if you already have not paid yet. If all good, click Submit Enrollment

Athlete will get confirmation email if email address is provided in its profile.

If you have to enroll this athlete in another program, you can add now by selecting New Enrollment. You can add enrollment in fewer steps.

Step 14 – View Submitted Enrollment

To confirm if your enrollment process is successful you can view this new enrollment by selecting Enrollment History tab.

You will see enrollment with new program with Submitted Status. Program Manager will review and approve enrollment based on vacancy in the program.

Athlete will get email once enrollment will be approved

Change Password

If you wish to change your password enter old password and  new twice. Click Save.

Note: System will not send you any confirmation email. You have to logout and login back to implement this update


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