Family Admin Role Instructions

Family Administrator

This role will provide Parent/Guardian access to their child/children profile to manage /update info like updating contact/medical info and will be able to view/Cancel/add enrollment in sports.

Steps to login / register to Portal

Copy and paste the following URL in the browser:

Manage Family Portal Account – yes/no

From the home page click on Portal User Registration


you can copy and paste the following URL in your browser:

  1. Provide the necessary information to create your user account.

Note – First Name, Last Name and Email have to match exactly to your profile in the Special Olympics Membership system

  1. Click on the Register button to initiate the process. An “activation” email will be sent to you with a link to activate your account. After you activate your account you will be prompted to log in

  1. Enter the email you registered with and the password you selected
  2. Click Login
  3. If you’ve forgotten your password click Forgotten Password to reset.

After login, you will see the following screen.

Until you Select a role, you will only see the “My” Account buttons on the Right. These buttons are available to all users.

  1. My Profile – your personal information, update your address or medical info here
  2. My Enrollments – see the status of your all enrollments
  3. My Clubs and Schedules – see the Clubs you’re associated with and the published schedule for the sessions
  4. My Committees – if you hold a position on a committee, you will see it here
  5. My Rolls – the Page you are on now to select your role
  6. My Wallet – You will be able to pay your athlete fee by credit card (currently SOO does not offer this feature)
  7. Athlete – Join Program – if you wish to join another program, click it to start a new application (for Athletes)
  8. Volunteer – Join Program – if you wish to join another program, click to start a new Enrollment
  9. Change Password – click on it if you want to change your password
  10. Logout – Click if you have finished to view/ updates your profile to leave the system

Click Continue to select your Family Admin role

Following will be your landing page. Box one has your profile buttons and box 2 has Family Admin role buttons.

Details of Family Admin Buttons

Family Linked Participantsyou will be able to view/update your family athletes

  1. Click edit button to open athlete profile

Your will be able to view / update info where required. You have to go through all the tabs provided at the top of the page. After update on each page click Submit at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Note – Read carefully note provided ate the top of this page

Participants Enrollments

In the following window you will be able to see all enrollments for your athlete with all Status.

If you wish to cancel an active enrollment with any club of your athlete, click on Edit button beside the name of athlete, Enrollment detail window will open

  • Change Status to Cancelled
  • Change End Date to today’s date or when quit the club
  • Add note in Enrollment Notes field if any
  • Then Submit

Enrollment will be cancelled with that club.

Participant Clubs & Schedules 

following window will show you list of clubs in which your child is enrolled. You will be able to see club Session details

Click on Edit beside the name of your athlete, you will be able to view club details.

Following window will show you Club Details. To view club session details, click on Club Sessions tab. click on Edit button beside the Sport name, new window will provide the info of clubs session, facility info and day & time.

Add Program Enrollment 

If you wish to enroll your athlete in another program, follow the steps after clicking this tab.

  1. Select athlete name (if only one athlete, it will be selected)
  2. Select Yes in Legal Guardian field
  3. Click Next Step – Waiver

Following window will have all fields auto populated with info. In Media Release section you have option to make any change

Click Next Step – Program Search

In the Program Search Criteria select Chapter, Region, Community (if you know exact club you wish to enroll in, select club as well) then click Search


All registered clubs in your selected community will appear in Search Results window

If you wish to see the details of clubs, click Edit button beside club name, a window will open to show the details of the club.

Otherwise select a club and click on Next Step – Member Profile


In Member profile window, you can view/edit member info provided in various tabs.

if all updates are done, then Click on Next Step – Enrollments Details

After reviewing  all info, click on Next Step – Payment Information

This window will show how much you have to pay as an enrollment fee if you already have not paid yet. if all good, Click on Submit Enrollment

Athlete will get confirmation email on the email which is provided as Portal Email on its profile.

Membership Balance

This tab will provide you details of  unpaid enrollments, out standing membership balance which you can pay to your community. Pay Balance will allow you to pay online using credit card but currently this feature is not available for Ontario.


Ask My Chapter

If you have any question, write a message and Submit Question, you will get reply from your chapter

Inform My Chapter

If you are leaving organization, let us know the reason.

Select reason, add any comment and Submit