Yellow Division (At Home Learners)

Day 1: Lay Ups

  • Athletes will start standing 12 feet away from the net on the right side
  • Athletes will dribble the ball to the net and shoot a layup, then they will dribble to the left side of the net (12 feet away) and attempt another shot
  • Athletes will repeat this and have 5 minutes to score as many baskets as possible from the left and right sides of the net


  • Note: Through all 4 challenges At Home Learners will be put into teams of two, and those scores will be added together. This will represent the final score

  • Athletes will be awarded 2 points per successful layup


Day 2: Dribbling & Ball Control

  • Place 4 cones/objects 4 feet apart from one another in a straight line.

  • Athletes will start at one cone/object and dribble the ball both in and out of each cone in a zig-zag pattern (using a cross over move)

  • Once athletes get to the last cone/object, they will repeat dribbling in the zig pattern on the way back. 

  • Repeat this step until time has run out


  • The total number zig-zag completions in one direction will count as 1 point



Day 3: Shooting

  • Athletes will shoot from 3 different spots ranging from 4 feet, 6 feet, and 10-feet (from the middle of the net)

  • Athletes will have 2 minutes to score as many points as possible per each shooting distance


  • 4-foot shot made (1 point)

  • 6-foot shot made (2 points)

  • 10-foot shot made (3 points)


Day 4: Passing

  • Standing 10 feet away from a wall, athletes will throw a ball to the wall and back to themselves

  • Athletes will alternate using bounce, chest and overhead passes 

  • Athletes will have 5 minutes to make as many passes as they can


  • Athletes will be awarded 1 point per successful pass


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