District Team Manager Manual

District Team Manager Manual


Table of Contents


  1. Team Lists/Contact Information
  2. District Team Meetings
    1. About this Section
    2. Team Meeting #1 Checklist
    3. Team Meeting #2 Checklist
    4. Sample Invitation
    5. Follow up letter for non-attendees
  3. Registration
    1. About this Section
    2. Registration Checklist
    3. Sample Chaperone Checklist
    4. Coaches Package Checklist
  4. Uniforms
    1. About this Section
    2. Uniforms by Sport
  5. Travel
  6. Financial
    1. About this Section
    2. Sample Fees Invoice
  7. At the Games
  8. Conference Calls




District Team Managers will be expected to maintain contact with athletes, volunteers and Special Olympics Ontario staff members for a variety of reasons. Maintaining up-to-date lists of the various people involved is key. Such lists include:


  • District Administrative Team for the District
  • Community Coordinators across the District
  • SOO Staff Members
  • Games Organizing Committee
  • District Team Athletes
  • District Team Coaches
  • Club Head Coaches






Holding two district team meetings over your term as the District Team Manager will enable you to make sure that you have collected all of the information that you need in a timely fashion and that all of the district team members have a chance to meet each other and ask any questions they may have.


It is suggested that you hold the first meeting 7-8 months prior to the games. At this meeting you should get all members of the team to fill out their registration forms and take their measurements for their uniforms. You can also have the coaches divide up the athletes and provide them with each others contact information so that they can be in contact from now until the games.


The second meeting should be held 1-2 months prior to the games and this is where you will hand out the team uniforms, travel itinerary, information packages and what- to-pack packages. This is another chance for everyone to meet and ask questions.




Prior to Meeting


  • Book central meeting location
  • Send out invitations to team members at least three weeks prior to meeting
  • Get sample of uniform and relevant sizing information (see uniform section for more information)
  • Photocopy enough copies of all registration forms for all team members
  • Photocopy athlete/ sport contact sheets for each coach


Bring to Meeting

  • Pens and pencils
  • Measuring tapes to take measurements for team uniform
  • Digital camera to take individual photos for games id badges
  • Photocopies of registration forms
  • Photocopies of athlete contact sheets for coaches
  • Sample uniform and sizing information
  • Any information you have on Games that can be distributed at this time


To Do at Meeting

  • Welcome everyone and let them know what the outcomes of the meeting are: registration forms filled out, measurements taken and coach-athlete supervision determined
  • Take attendance
  • Distribute forms and help anyone that needs help filling them out
  • Have the parents/guardians for each athlete take the measurements for the team uniform, set up a volunteer to record all measurements
  • Ensure that all forms are returned and that they are filled out properly
  • Ensure that each team member has been measured for their uniform
  • Record which athletes each coach is to be responsible for
  • Distribute the information for the second meeting
  • Collect the registration fees from each community
  • Thank everyone for attending the meeting!




Prior to Meeting


  • Book central meeting location
  • Send out reminders to team members at least 3 weeks prior to meeting
  • Arrange Travel itinerary (see Travel section for more information)
  • Sort team uniforms for distribution (see Uniform section for more information)
  • Photocopy athlete profiles/ med lists for their coaches
  • Photocopy Family information packages
  • Photocopy What to pack packages for the athletes


Bring to Meeting

  • All uniforms to distribute
  • Copies of the Travel itinerary
  • Information and What to pack packages
  • Athlete profile/ med lists for each coach
  • Digital camera to take individual photos for games id badges (any that were missed at last meeting)
  • Copy of rooming list
  • Any information you have on Games that can be distributed at this time


To Do at Meeting

  • Welcome everyone and let them know what the outcomes of the meeting are: Travel itinerary handed out, uniform payments handed in, uniforms handed out and information packages handed out
  • Take attendance
  • Collect uniform payment before distributing uniforms
  • Go over Travel itinerary with the group
  • Hand out all information packages
  • Hand out athlete profiles/ med lists to coaches
  • Thank everyone for attending the meeting!






Dear _______________________,


As you know we are asking all District Team Members to attend 2 Team meetings prior to the (Games Name).


The following is the information for the first meeting:







At this meeting we will be filling out the games registration forms, taking your measurements for your team uniform and determining which coaches are to be responsible for which athletes.


Please remember to bring your health card and a list of medications with you as well as someone that can help you fill out the registration form and take your measurements.


Also, we will be taking everyone’s picture at the meeting for the games id badges!


If you have any questions or if you can not attend the meeting please contact me.


I am looking forward to representing the _______________ district with all of you at the games.





District Team Manager, ____________ District

(Phone number)

(e-mail address)






Dear _______________________,


We missed meeting with you on (date of meeting), at the District Team meeting!


At the meeting we filed out the games registration forms, took all team members measurements for the team uniform, determined which coaches are responsible for which athletes and took all team members pictures for their games id badges.


If you are still interested in being a member of the ______________ District Team at the (Games name) we have to complete all of these things with you as soon as possible.


Please contact me by (set deadline) if you will still be attending the (Games name) as a member of our team.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.





District Team Manager, ______________ District

(Phone number)

(e-mail address)






Ensuring that SOO has accurate registration information on all team members is among the most important of the District Team Manager’s tasks.


Athletes and non-Athletes (coaches, DTM, etc.) are to fill out an online registration survey. As DTM, you will encourage the members to work together to complete those. For members without computer access, they may meet as a group with a coach or community council member at a library, or work over the phone with a volunteer to help enter the information. This information is important to relay at the first team meeting.


Once the completed registration information is received by SOO, you will be provided with that information, and it will be compared to existing registration data. Photos of each team member are required. For those team members that do not have a photo on file with SOO, you will be tasked with following up to ensure that those are received.




  • Hold a district team meeting to ensure that the registration process is understood and that athletes’, parents’ and coaches’ questions are answered
  • Check registration forms, athlete profile forms and medication schedules to ensure they are complete
  • Take digital pictures of all team members and forward all pictures to SOO by deadline date
  • Complete the Rooming List and photocopy the List
  • Forward the rooming list to the GOC by the deadline date
  • Complete packages for coaches which will includes the profile and medication schedule for all of the athletes they are responsible for at the Games
  • Hand out the coaches packages at the second team meeting




SPORT: _________________________________________________


HEAD COACH: ___________________________________________


COACH: ___________________________

ATHLETES:     1: ______________________

        2: ______________________

        3: ______________________

        4: ______________________

        5: ______________________


COACH: ___________________________

ATHLETES:     1: ______________________

        2: ______________________

        3: ______________________

        4: ______________________

        5: ______________________


COACH: ___________________________

ATHLETES:     1: ______________________

        2: ______________________

        3: ______________________

        4: ______________________

        5: ______________________




  • Photocopy of each athlete’s profile form and medication schedule
  • Compile the forms that are for all of the athletes that each coach is responsible for
  • Print off all relevant forms to that coaches sport to include in package
  • Make copies of the rooming list
  • Make copies of the travel itinerary
  • Include any relevant information you have about the Games






Uniforms are great mementos of the games for all team members and if you ask the athletes what the most important job the DTM has, it would probably be picking out their uniforms for them!


When you are sourcing out uniforms it is important to remember to get at least three quotes, so that we can ensure that we are keeping the costs down for the district team members. If you don’t have three suppliers that you know of to ask for quotes from, don’t hesitate to ask Community Coordinators who they use. Another good source is previous DTMs.





  • Jacket and pants
  • Shirt
  • Hat




Spring Sports:


  • bathing suit
  • goggles/ cap (optional)


  • golf shirt
  • black pants
  • bowling shoes (leather soles, rubber heal) (responsibility of the athlete)


  • community team uniform (shirt/shorts)


  • t-shirt
  • body suit


  • golf shirt


Summer Sports:


  • Golf Shirt

Rhythmic Gymnastics

  • leotard or unitard


  • community team uniform (jersey and shorts)
  • soccer socks, soccer cleats, shin pads (responsibility of the athlete)


  • community team uniform
  • helmets for pitcher and runners (responsibility of the team)
  • catcher: helmet, face mask and throat protector (responsibility of the team)

Track & Field

  • Singlet
  • shorts


Winter Sports:

Alpine Skiing

  • ski pants/jacket
  • gloves
  • ski helmets, goggles (responsibility of the athlete)
  • skis, ski boots, poles (responsibility of the athlete)


  • matching on ice apparel (pants and shirt; often the community team uniform)
  • helmet, curling shoes or sliders (responsibility of the athlete)

Figure Skating

  • females: fitted figure skating dress, skirt or jumper and tights or pantyhose
  • males: fitted pants or jumpsuit, long sleeved sweater or turtleneck

Floor Hockey

  • community team uniform (jersey and pants)
  • CSA approved helmet with chin strap, shin pads, elbow pads, gloves (responsibility of the athlete or team)

Nordic Skiing

  • warm clothing
  • skis, boots, poles, ski bag


  • warm clothing
  • snowshoes


  • skates
  • hard shell helmet , neck guard
  • knee and elbow pads, leather gloves, shin guards




Southwestern Ontario: Navy Blue

South Central Ontario: Orange

Central Ontario: Royal Blue

Greater Toronto Area: Grey

Eastern Ontario: Black

North Eastern Ontario: White

North Western Ontario: Green


All uniform pieces should be the District’s primary color.  Other district colors cannot be used for supplemental uniform pieces.  For example, the South West team cannot have white t-shirts as part of their team uniform as that is the primary colour of the North East team.




As the District Team Manager, it is part of your job to arrange for transportation to the Games for your District Team. All members must travel to the Games with the team. There may be situations where the athlete will be released to the care of family after Games, and not return with the Team. There is a process to request and document this. Please confirm with SOO’s Competition Developer.


You will be required to source out three quotes for bus travel. Things to keep in mind when booking the bus include:

  • Size of team
  • Amount of equipment to be transported and whether the cargo is below the bus (coach) or in the bus (school bus)
  • Multiple pick-up and drop-off points


Check with your communities to see where the traditional pick-up and drop-off points are.






One of your jobs as the District Team Manager is to work with the District Financial Lead and the Manager of Competition Services to ensure that all payments relative to your District Team attending the Games have been collected, and invoices paid.


These payments include the $50 games registration fee to be paid for all athletes attending the games and the uniform fees that are determined based on the cost of your uniform quote.


Every community has different policies around whether they do or do not cover either of these costs for the athletes or coaches attending from their community. Some communities have policies that state that athletes pay a certain percentage or up to a fixed dollar amount for these expenses.


It is not up to you to know what community covers what. All you need to do is send each community an invoice for the amount owing from their constituents. Copies of the invoice should be sent to all community treasurers, community coordinators and the District Financial Lead.


All registration payments must be received before an athlete can compete at the Games and all uniform payments must be received before the uniforms can be handed out.







Invoice to: SOO – (Community Name)



Please send cheque to:

Community Treasurer

Mailing address


(Games Name) Registration Fees



Name                Community        Sport            Reg’n    Uniform

_________________    ___________    _______________    $50    $95

_________________    ___________    _______________    $50    $95

_________________    ___________    _______________    $50    $95



Name                Community        Sport            Reg’n    Uniform

_________________    ___________    _______________    n/a    $95

_________________    ___________    _______________    n/a    $95


Totals:                                        $150    $475


Amount Owing: $625


Please make Cheques Payable to: Special Olympics Ontario (X District)

On Memo Line:  (Community Name) (Games Name)




Are you ready for some fun?


Now that you have survived all of the prep work for the games it’s time for the real fun to begin.


This section will give you an overview of what to expect while you are at the games as well as helpful hints. Please feel free respond to SOO’s Competition Developer with any hints to pass along to the next group of DTMs.


Job Responsibilities While at the Games


While at the games it is your job to:

  • Check in at the Games Registration Desk
  • Distribute room keys (deal with any rooming issues)
  • Distribute coaches packages
  • Distribute $50 cash protest fee to each head coach (arranged with District Financial Lead prior to departure and returned following the Games)
  • Cover Head Coaches’ athletes when they are attending coaches meetings
  • Ensure Region is at events on time eg. Opening ceremonies, competition sites…
  • Work with coaches to resolve any problems that arise
  • Discuss, and endorse if appropriate, any protests
  • Be on call 24 hours a day during the games
  • Attend DTM meetings and share the relevant information with your coaches
  • Visit competition sites and ensure that there are no issues for your District Team
  • Make any necessary trips to the hospital with injured or sick individuals from your District Team


You should not have to:

  • Wash team uniforms
  • Pick up snacks for your team
  • Be a personal errand person for team members
  • Clean up after your team members




Part of your job as the District Team Manager is to participate in monthly conference calls with the Manager of Competition Services.


The conference call schedule will be set well in advance. Please let the Manager of Competition Services know beforehand if you are unable to make the conference call, and submit any questions you have or an update on your progress. A substitute, such as an attending Head Coach or the District Administrative Lead, may be appointed to attend in your place.