Coach Orientation and Training

Coach Orientation and Training


In order to provide Special Olympics athletes with a quality experience in sport, coaches are expected to attain a minimum level of qualification, and are supported in their pursuit of coach training.




All coaches are required to have completed the Special Olympics Canada National Coaching Certification Program (SOC/NCCP) Community or Competition Coach Technical course within the first year of their assignment or placement.


Volunteer training will also include on-the-job training and may utilize a buddy system for support and education.


Volunteer Career Path


Volunteers are encouraged to develop their skills while with Special Olympics Ontario and are also encouraged to volunteer for other available positions.


Continuing Education


Additional learning and skill development will be made available to volunteers throughout their placement with SOO to allow them to upgrade, enhance, or keep current their position-related skills. Such training as the Special Olympics Canada NCCP courses may be delivered by SOO, or the volunteer may be financially subsidized by their community for the cost of receiving organization-approved, position-related training such as sport specific NCCP courses, sport injury training, etc.


For more information on the required courses as well as Professional Development opportunities please refer to the Training and Professional Development section of this resource.