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School Championships Qualifiers Rules 

Click HERE for our rules for both Traditional and Unified Competition for the sports of basketball, bocce, floor hockey, soccer, and track & field

Hosting Packages and Guidelines

Interested in hosting an event at your school? Our hosting packages offer in depth and step-by-step instructions on assisting SOO in hosting a School Championships Qualifier or Elementary Sports Festival! A great opportunity to get your leadership class, varsity team, generic student body, and entire school involved!

Schools have a multitude of options towards their involvement in hosting from simply donating your gym or field space for the day, to providing volunteers, to guiding your volunteers in assisting in the planning and execution of the day. These experiences provide a fantastic opportunity for students interested in event management, sport management, education, etc. Should you be interested, please contact us for more details and requirements.

Click HERE and contact us to let us know you are interested in finding out more!

Leadership Class Curriculum

Coming soon: curriculum supported guidelines for leadership classes interested in planning and hosting an event as a component of their coursework.

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Health in Action

Health in Action is a program designed to engage students with an intellectual disability to get active and enhance their physical activity by taking the “Step” challenge. Beyond the step component, the program is designed with the intention to educate people with an ID about nutrition and physical fitness, with the ultimate goal of helping them along the path of incorporating an active and healthy lifestyle into their daily lives.

By registering for Health in Action online, each student and classroom educator will receive a free pedometer to track their steps, a “Young Athlete’s Nutrition Guide,” and a personal online account to set up daily nutritional and physical goals.

CLICK HERE and register your class now as a program leader!

Athlete Leadership Seminars

The Athlete Leadership Program (ALPs) is a one day workshop (including a free lunch and snack) with the purpose of educating secondary students on the tools and steps needed to undertake meaningful leadership roles within Special Olympics and beyond. This free workshop, built in part by athletes, includes a variety of topics divided into three key modules including: speakers training, healthy living & mental health, and leadership training.

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