2018 National Bowling Championships

Early Departure and Family Time Off Site Authorization

Must be submitted by March 1st, 2018

Early Departures:

Athletes are permitted to travel home with their parents/guardians after the games.  Athletes must attend closing ceremonies and the victory dance with Team Ontario.

The athletes will be permitted to depart the team on Saturday May 19th at 11pm.  Athletes must be picked up at the front door of the residence at that time.

Special Olympics Ontario and Team Ontario are not responsible for any costs associated with the athlete travelling home with family.

Family Time Off-Site Authorization:

Families are responsible for booking the return transportation at their own expense.

Family members may wish to take athletes off site for Family Time while in PEI.  Coaches and family members should know that all athletes must take part in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, all competitive activities and all Team Ontario scheduled events.  Although we are pleased athletes have family support, they are part of a Team and as such have responsibilities. 

Each sport will have specific days and times scheduled for Family Time.  These days and times will be the only opportunities for the athlete to go off site with family. Once the Family Time schedule is confirmed within each sport, the coach will contact you to provide you with the details for Family Time. We appreciate your cooperation with the scheduled family times as we want to ensure a smooth process for athletes to go off site with family.

Only those persons authorized on this form may take athletes off-site during the Games.  All authorized persons will be required to sign the athlete out and back in with the Coach using a form which indicates the time and location of return, how they can be contacted if necessary, etc.

Although this may seem very strict to some parents and family members, please remember, these measures are in place for the safety of the athlete.

While at National Games, all athletes must adhere to the SOO Code of Conduct and Team Ontario Code of Conduct AT ALL TIMES.  In addition to the Code of Conduct, the following will apply to athletes while enjoying Family Time:

  1. Athletes are NOT permitted to consume alcoholic beverages while offsite.
  2. The teams have a set curfew for all athletes. Offsite athletes must abide by that curfew as well.
  3. Athletes will not leave the team until the sign out form has been completed with the Coach.

Click here to complete the Early Departure and Off Site Authorization Form.